Code of Conduct

By joining the NDPA, members agree to abide by the NDPA Code of Conduct:


The Nationwide Deed Poll Association aims to:

  • Be recognised and respected by government and others in the UK as the representative body for Deed Poll companies
  • Promote professional standards
  • Challenge the use of misleading advertising
  • Empower the consumer

This code has been written to ensure all members comply with relevant legislation and further the aims of the NDPA. We believe that adherence to this Code is in the best interest of both NDPA members and the general public.

The Code

Members must:

  1. Ensure client data is kept safe and secure.
  2. Maintain proper records.
  3. Have an effective complaints procedure in place and respond to all complaints in a timely manor.
  4. Not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, age, disability or gender.
  5. Not make derogatory remarks about other members, or operate in a manner that could be deemed to be detrimental to any other member(s).
  6. Clearly display all costs (no hidden charges).
  7. Comply with all relevant consumer, company and other legislation.
  8. Operate as a limited company, continuously and without interruption.
  9. File statutory documents on time.
  10. Co-operate with law enforcement investigations.
  11. If providing an archive service, ensure that provisions are in place to return documents (or to provide alternate storage) should the company cease trading.
  12. Not do anything that could bring the NDPA into disrepute.
  13. Not use the word official to describe the member’s product, service, company or website. The use of the word official may only be used in connection with, or to describe, products or services offered by government departments.
  14. Not use URLs in advertisements that end in, .org or any other TLD that is intended for use by non commercial organisations.
  15. Clearly state company details (registration number, company name and trading address) on website, email and printed communications.
  16. State that there is not an official Deed Poll Service. This information must be easily accessible and included as a frequently asked question.
  17. Partake in an independent review platform and display the reviews directly on their website.
  18. Ensure all colleagues are fully trained.